Hunt North Dakota!

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We've put together a list of frequently asked questions regarding our hunts.

How long have you guys been in business?

SWR Big Game Hunts has been making hunters' dreams come true for over 25 years.

Is there lodging nearby or onsite?

We use a motel in town. Two (2) nights lodging are included, with the exception of our cow elk hunts and female bison hunts.

Do I need a permit to hunt in North Dakota?

No State license is needed to hunt. You will receive a transport permit to possess and transport your animal home and to a taxidermist.

What gear do you recommend that I bring?

Hunting gear depends on time of year. Visit with your guide prior to coming Be sure to bring binoculars and a camera. Be sure to bring 2-3 150 wet coolers for your meat.

How big is your hunting area?

We are hunting on 800 acre private high fence ranch. Terrain is rolling hills, breaks, lots of trees with open plains combined.

What is your success rate?

Our success rate has been 100 percent over 25 years.

What is your wounded animal policy?

If game is wounded and not retrieved it is the responsibility of the hunter to pay the trophy fee of the animal wounded. If and when game is found, the hunter will be contacted immediately and arrangements will be made to get the trophy to the hunter.

How does the booking process work?

Once you (the hunter) and SWR Big Game Hunts have decided on a particular hunt and a date, then SWR Big Game Hunts will email you a contract and lock-in the hunt once deposit is received.

What is your tipping policy?

Tips are greatly appreciated.

Are deposits refundable?

We can move the dates or transfer your deposit to another hunter. However, we cannot refund any deposits paid.