Trophy Elk Hunting

SWR Big Game Hunts offers quality elk hunts in North Dakota! We have a wide range of trophy bulls to choose from.

If game is wounded and not retrieved it is the responsibility of the hunter to pay the trophy fee of the animal wounded. If and when game is found, the hunter will be contacted immediately and arrangements will be made to get the trophy to the hunter.

Note: A 30% non-refundable deposit per hunt is required to save your date and trophy hunt. Be sure to book early. It's never too late!

Feel free to contact us for more information.

Hunt Pricing

Gross Score Price
Cow Hunts (no lodging) $1,950.00
Up to 300 $3,600.00
301 - 325 $4,100.00
326 - 350 $4,600.00
351 - 375 $5,600.00
376 - 400 $6,600.00
401 - 420 $8,100.00
421 - 440 $9,100.00
441 Plus TBD
Field Dressing, Skinning, and Breakdown of Carcass for Coolers $175.00
Meat Processing (when available) TBD
Tips are appreciated/Thank You

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