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The bison on our ranch enjoy the conditions of their natural habitat . We provide the bison with plenty of space to roam. People who have hunted here appreciate the authenticity and trophy value of an American Bison hunt.

All hunters have an excellent trophy range to choose from and we had quite a few world class bull trophies available.

Bison meat is very healthy, being much lower in cholesterol and leaner than other meats, including poultry.

Management Hunts $3,000.00

Trophy Hunts


World Class Trophy $5,000.00

Field Dressing, Skinning, Quartering & Cooling

Cows: $125.00
Trophy/WC: $175.00
Meat Processing

$.70 per pound carcass weight


Wounded Policy
If game is wounded and not retrieved it is the responsibility of the hunter to pay the trophy fee of the animal wounded. If and when game is found, the hunter will be contacted immediately and arrangements will be made to get the trophy to the hunter.

Please Note: A 20% non-refundable deposit per hunt is required to save your date and trophy hunt. Be sure to book early. It's never too late!






SilverWing Ranch Big Game Hunts
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